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Travelling to Taiwan

Situated in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles from China, Taiwan is a small island nation shaped like a tobacco leaf. Two third of the total area is covered by forested mountains and the remaining area consists of a hilly country platforms and highlands, plains and basins.

Taiwan has many enchanting travelling characteristics which have been facilitated for the enjoyment of the travelers. As the natural views and lush scenery unfolds it doesn’t take long to convince one of the islands unique beauties. Also called ‘the heart of Asia’, Taiwan has a special geological structure which brings out a variety of unique and extraordinary views. It was called ‘Formosa’ (beautiful island) by the Portuguese when they saw the islands verdict beauty in the 16th century. Taiwan is reputed as mountainous and costal island. Along the mountains are areas like the Maolin national scenic area where exists the world of butterflies and Rukai stone made houses which provides a relaxing scene of sunrise. Conversely the Cloud Sea is famous amongst the tourist for its natural setting for eagle spotting, home of fruit, lion head mountain etc. The Penghu national scenic area around the Taiwan Strait has flat landscapes with a blessed spectacular view providing the sport-loving tourists with entertainment of whale spotting and scuba diving. Majority of the locations are in Nangan, with Beigan being famous for its stone houses and fish noodles, Juguang for its fishing port and light house and Dongyin for its amazing rock formations.

Taiwan also consists of eight national parks which offer a variety of distinctive topographic landscapes like the Taroko National Park, where a narrow path is created by a river that cuts through a mountain. Yu Mountain National Park contains the highest landmark of Taiwan and also the highest peak in Northeast Asia while Shei-pa National Park features dangerously exiting and steep slopes. From volcanic craters and lakes in Yangming Mountain National Park to the tropical areas in the Kending National Park Taiwan has it all. Each park has its own unique identity with both cultural and natural attractions found in deep folds of the parks engulfing the tourist with their shell beaches and geographical wonders.

The countries tourist attraction does not end upon landscape features only but there is wild and marine life to be praised as well. Taiwan has a vast variety of animals’ plants and marine ecology. In the Pacific Ocean on Taiwan’s east, groups of bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins, Rissos dolphins, and pan tropical spotted dolphins can be seen jumping out of the water. Azure seas and magnificent coral reefs can be found which fascinates the tourists. Large numbers of migratory birds from around the world are attracted to Taiwan. In spring and summer, there are the birds that leave the tropics and cold northern areas behind to spend seasons in Taiwan, such as the eye-catching fairy pita, black-faced spoonbill and countless other birds which truly enchant the sightseer. One surprise after another unfolds when one is travelling in Taiwan!

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