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A Boost in Sunshine Coast Tourism

With the global financial crisis, tourism has been slow all over the world, and this has further affected economies everywhere. Thankfully for Queensland, there has been a big increase in tourism and holiday bookings across the Sunshine Coast. This spells good news for the Australian economy.

Recently there was about a 12% dip in tourism to the Sunshine Coast. Since tourism produces a lot of income for the area, any decrease in it can cause buying and selling to decrease, which can hurt the jobs market. This becomes a vicious cycle, and if it continues can have detrimental effects on an area. Many small local businesses depend on tourism to keep their doors open.

As recently as June 2009, the outlook for the upcoming holidays was bleak. Bookings were low and nobody was sure when this was going to change. Now reservations are on the increase, both for the near future and beyond. In addition, online promotions for Sunshine Coast accommodation got great results and point to many more bookings being made in the near future.

One of the changes that many people are excited about is the end of major road construction on the Bruce Highway that has been causing huge disruptions for Brisbane visitors to the coast for a couple years now. While it’s still unclear whether these traffic problems have been reducing the overall number of visitors to the area, they have almost certainly been causing many people to cut their visits short in order to avoid it. The good news is that it should be all finished in time for the Christmas season. The Sunshine Coast sees a lot of tourism during school Christmas holidays as this is the time that the schools have their long summer break. Reduced issues on the highway means that more people will be taking advantage of these holidays to visit the area.

A large number of hotels have been reporting 80% or more occupancy during the recent holidays, and a lot of the camping grounds and caravan parks have been completely full. This in itself has created a lot of revenue in the local area. As everyone knows, when people are on vacation they don’t just spend money on their hotel room. They will also buy food, supplies, and often souvenirs.

With the road works finishing up and the beautiful weather that should be in store, the Sunshine Coast should continue to see a surge in tourists and income this holiday season.

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