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4 Things to Bring When Camping in the Wild

Camping has become a favorite hobby to a lot of people, especially nowadays, when being constantly indoor or around the big city. All this creates a desire for going away from this pandemonium and find refuge in the wild.

Well, not literally, but yes, at some point we need to experience nature without the streets, the traffic lights, the programmed labyrinth that is the technological world. So in the end you want to grab a back pack, put everything you need in it and just go and explore the woods, the mountains, the valleys or anything that is away from civilization.

Call it a survival trip. And, here is what to put in the backpack.

#1. Food

Find out how much and what kind of food to bring with you. After all, you can’t stuff your back pack with only that. You’ll be needing other things as well. It’s better to use canned food, or something else that doesn’t spoil easily.

Find a guideline how to start a fire and how to catch a fish if you’re going to camp near a lake. If you’re in a forest look up how to make easy traps. But, be careful as there might be species under law protection, so make sure to check a guide on that too.

Also, look up what kind of plants are growing in the place you’ll be visiting. It’s good to know which ones are edible and which ones might give you a rash, or much worse – poison you.

#2. Medical Kit

You need a few basic things, which can come in handy if you need medical attention. A lot of shops sell medical belts, which are very comfortable, have everything you need and don’t take much room.

#3. Shelter

These days you don’t have to worry about raining when you’re going to camp outdoors. You can find in most sport shops or you can order from the Internet a tent, which can fit in your backpack no problem and still have room for a lot more things.

#4. Navigation

A map, a compass, some training with star navigation are good to be in the bag when you’re on your own with no civilization around… or you can just get the needed apps on your smartphone. It’s easier and won’t take any room either – today, compactness seems to be essential to our existence. On your smartphone you can also find apps for camp games, a survival guide and many more useful tips.

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